Pat Riot finds joy in creating art that elicits laughter as a primary response while carrying subtle depth, prompting viewers to recognize a profound underlying meaning and to explore past the surface level of our consumption culture. His portfolio spans various mediums– street art and installations to sculpture and gum. Pat Riot’s artistic identity intentionally walks the line of pushing societal boundaries and challenges conventions while creating visually captivating experiences.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Pat Riot moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of 5 and grew up in a  seemingly ordinary southern suburbia. Through his Midwestern and southern upbringing, he supports both the “nurture” and “nature” theories surrounding one’s social relationship with the world.

Identifying with "Redneck" as a verb (not a noun), Pat's artistic expression mirrors this sentiment—a raw, undisciplined approach to ideas and techniques, embodying a "thoughtless and unbound by consequence" ethos. 

Pat Riot considers himself largely self-taught with some formal education from VCU Art School. His lived experience and daily interactions serve as ongoing inspiration, along with the works of American artists Henry Darger, Tim Hawkinson, and the timeless futurist, Buckminster Fuller.

Pat Riot currently resides in Los Angeles and has many notable works–- the Bubblegum Show, Lego Pot Dispensary installation, and Beyond The Streets just to name a few. For Pat, his proudest achievement lies in the creation of a bumper sticker that's the epitome of the LA experience: "DOES THIS CAR MAKE ME LOOK FAT?"